Let the Weiss Choice Group Facilitate Your Hiring Process in the Canadian Marketplace!

Finding a qualified sales representative in an international market can be a major challenge for companies who are not familiar with local hiring practises, human resources laws and local geographies.

The Weiss Choice Group has proven success in assisting international companies recruit their sales teams for the North American market. With over 20 years of employee recruitment experience, the Weiss Choice Group knows all the right channels to recruit the right people for your business.

We work to understand what a company is producing or selling, what the key performance indicators for the position are, what the company expects from a new hire, and then find the right person who will best represent that company and produce great results. Our recruitment methodology is based on the following:

Meeting our Client

  • Understanding client profile
  • Assess cultural fit and corporate structures
  • Determine required skills, experience and qualifications
  • Identify responsibilities and key objects

Recruiting the Candidate

  • Targeted research
  • Proactive Headhunting
  • Online and other advertising
  • Social Media networking


  • On-going communication and feedback with client
  • Client briefing and interview preparation
  • Screening of resumes
  • Assist client with candidate interview, if desired

Reference checks

  • Education and professional
  • Personal References
  • Background and security (if required)

The Weiss Choice Group provides customized search solutions with the utmost professionalism and flexibility, while maintaining an uncompromising level of integrity to all parties involved throughout the search process.

Contact kweiss@weisschoicegroup.com or call 1-289-928-3110 to discuss a customized recruitment plan for your company’s North American sales office.