The Weiss Choice Group came together when Kathy Weiss, an accomplished economic development professional, identified a major gap in services provided to international companies looking to expand into North American.

The introduction of new products and services into a foreign marketplace can be the most challenging experience a company has to endure. In order to compete in the global market and achieve optimal sales results, companies must be connected in all the right places.

Often, a company’s desire to explore global markets is shelved as the process can be cumbersome, unreliable and culturally constrained. And most likely, there is no in-market reconnaissance to assist the company in achieving its goals.

The Weiss Choice Group opens doors for international companies through the following four capacities:

Match international companies with qualified and motivated North American Brokers and Distributors;

Coordinate the Staff Recruitment process, on behalf of international companies, whose preference is to hire a North American Sales Representative;

Provide Site-Selection services for a sales office within a desired geographic location; and

Provide Trade Services that steer international companies through the Canadian regulatory and compliance processes; assist international companies participation in Canadian trade shows.